FeinSoftware presents FeinWindows ™ version 1.1 - windows manager for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

FeinWindows ™ is a replacement windows manager. It is accessible from the "Window | FineWindows" menu and from the toolbar button. FeinWindows adds ability to work with the long file and directory names by providing resizable dialog that will also remember where you want it.

FeinSoftware's FeinWindows ™

Additional features include "Mod" column to indicate whether the document is modified and "R/O" column for ReadOnly documents.
New in version 1.1 - "Time" (last saved) and a "Project" columns are added.
You can sort list of documents on any column, and the sorting order is indicated by up or down arrow in the column header. An extra convenience (compared to Visual Studio's standard windows manger) provided by two new accelerators: <Del> key can be used to close selected windows, and <Ctrl+I> to inverse selection.

FeinWindows ™ is designed to work in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003. Since FeinWindows is linked to the VC run-time library, FeinSoftware provides separate builds for these versions.

Please download your free 30-day trial copy of FeinSoftware's FeinWindows for Visual Studio .NET 2002 or FeinWindows for Visual Studio .NET 2003.
If you have both versions of Visual Studio installed on your system, you can use either copy of FeinWindows.

Please note that this is a fully functional version of FeinWindows ™. The only difference is that it occasionally reminds you to register your copy.

Register FeinWindows ™ now for $10 via PayPal:

This version 1.1 is free for registered users of FeinWindows ™ version 1.0!

We appreciate your comments about usability of this tool. Please send your feedback to development@feinsoftware.com.

In the unlikely event of incorrect functionality of the FeinWindows ™, we would appreciate a short bug report sent to support@feinsoftware.com.

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